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Software Engineer - C# - PHP - Census - BekoDesign

First I would like to start with stating that I am not affiliated with DigitalOcean or Microsoft Azure. This is a personal project and I am just sharing my opinion and findings for whoever is interested in an equal setup.

What is the point?

For a few years I am running Plex Media Server on a NAS (network-attached storage) from Western Digital. And it is working fine. The NAS is also in use as a network storage. And since the system is running for a few years a lot of files are stored on it. The storage is almost completely full.

Using MODX is a pleasure! Meeting the community, like at the 15th of November at the international Maastricht Meetup, is always a time to look forward to. But while it was a very short night (MODX meetups most of the time end up with a drink or two) I could not stop thinking about what a sweet dream of MODX would look like. Sweet dreams keep you from having nightmare and the same goes for the software that we use and write everyday! …

We at Census presented our first public MODX package last Wednesday at the Dutch Summer MODX meetup in Hollandscheveld. A package which notifies a user when their password is a known to be a breached password. This package started of as a personally Saturday project, but we decided to take it further with the GDPR in mind. With this post we would like to inform you all about the decisions we made and how this package is working.


The whole of Europe and every company providing services for the European customers are very busy lately with implementing the General Data…

Bert Kooij

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